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Emile Coue` was born in 1857. He was a brilliant student who finished pharmacy school in 1882. When give medicine to people, he would praise the medicine for some and say nothing about its effectiveness to others. He found that those people who bought the medicine with the added praises of the medicine’s effectiveness did much better than the others using the same medications.

Coue`’s wife, Nancy Lemorine, studied under Liebault and Bernheim and became a part of the Nancy School of Hypnosis. Coue` was the founder of the School of Psychology Applied of Nancy.

Coue` discovered the power of the imagination and self suggestion (autosuggestion) for good or bad. He believed that by use of one’s the inner resources and imagination could help a person improve his/her life; physically, mentally and spiritually. He taught people autosuggestion and his favorite phrase was, "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." His methods were based on two principles:

(1) when willpower and imagination come into conflict, the power of imagination wins out.

(2) imagination can be trained more rapidly than willpower. [Richard Copeland, How to Hypnotized Yourself and Others, New York, Barnes and Nobles, 1982, p50] He had great success in Europe, but not in America. In America he was criticized by the media and therefor putting doubt in people’s mind as to the effective of his methods. It is too bad that he did not get more support in America because it resulted in America’s lose. He words did not fall completely on deaf ears because some modern day advocates of Coue's "Positive Thinking" are Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuler, Carl Simonton, Bernie Siegel and a host of others. Emile Coue` did in 1926.










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